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Hitoshi Doi wa hentai?!

Is it just me,or does it actually seem a little lecherous when certain seiyuu(the only male seiyuu that have done so that I can think of are Takeshi Kusao and Toshihiko Seki)disclose their measurements/clothing sizes to his exhaustive seiyuu database?I must be the only male anime/seiyuu fan who isn't interested in the clothing sizes/measurements of my favorite VA's...

Also,whoever managed to top BOTH of my fairly high proxy bids on 2 separate genuine Twinbee Paradise double-CD's(from the same seller)had to have been fairly insane(i.e.,he/she may be paying way too much).However,I did win 2 different CD's from that same series(and also from the same seller)...

In non-anime matters:Arigatou,wolfgoat for being the first to find and join my stampcollectors community.BTW,until now,I didn't know that there was a community for democrats...*joins*
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