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Just the beginning...

I have won the RG Veda soundtrack CD with drama tracks that I have placed a bid on uncontested,and I placed bids on not one,but two Twinbee Paradise double-CD's from the same seller which I've purchased 2 other CD's(from the same CD drama series)from(which were "Buy it Now"-only listings).There are 2 English sites with brief synopses on this series:


The regular seiyuu cast for this drama/game series includes Kappei Yamaguchi,Mayumi Tanaka,Miki Itou,Kumiko Nishihara,Hekiru Shiina,Mariko Kouda,and some lesser seiyuu whose names I don't remember offhand.Occasional cast members include Kikuko Inoue,Yumi Touma,and Wakana Yamazaki.
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