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Seiyuu Daisuki 4:Wedding Bell(MRCA-20081)as summed up by yours truly...

I got it in the mail yesterday,and I just listened to it.Based on the sound effects,it was intended to be a detective/police drama.To me,it was pretty much hard to tell who was whom.However,山口勝平-sama did sound like his Ranma-kun self pretty much;and he even had the luxury of working with a lot of great(mostly big name)seiyuu(both male and female).It's a shame that 鶴ひろみ(see explanatary note #1)wasn't one of his castmates;but the fact that 日高のり子(explanatary note #2)and 渕崎ゆり子(explanatary note #3)weren't castmates with Kappei-sama either more than compensated for it.

A perfect 10,even if it was entirely Japanese...

  1. She voiced an okonomiyaki chef in Ranma ½ who is also Ranma-kun's best fiancée.Go figure.Too bad she married Keiichi Nanba instead of Kappei-sama...><;;;
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that Akane Tendou WOULD try to take a bath with P-chan so she would see him change into Ryouga Hibiki since she was playing dumb on the whole matter?No wonder the male heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts gets jealous:Not only was the Tendou engagement not his idea(it was a certain half-panda's),it may not even be valid!
  3. If only she didn't share a common seiyuu with Plastic Little's Captain Tita(the worst lead female character in anime),Ri Kohran would be my favorite Sakura Taisen by a landslide(instead of being tied with Sakura Shinguchi and Iris Châteaubriand).The only times(that I know of)that their common seiyuu has been castmates with Kappei-sama(Rurouni Kenshin doesn't count due to the lack of Sanosuke flashback scenes in the movie where Yasuharu Musashino makes his lone appearance in the anime)have been Plastic Little(review post),episode 4 of Sakura Taisen OVA series 2("Katsuhei" Yamaguchi as Senmatsu the Monkey),Utena episode 7(Kappei-sama's character only appears in a flashback scene with Juri and Shiori.His dialogue is brief;and he never crosses paths with Anthy-san.),Majo no Takkyubin a.k.a. Kiki's Delivery Service(it is rumored that she voices Ketto,a young boy who never crosses paths with Tombo-sama),and the rare/out-of-print Code Name wa Charmer drama CD/image album(I don't have this since it's so obscure that only one English site lists this.They're credited in the 2 lead roles,but it does pre-date the animated PL by at least 2 years.);and hopefully it's a complete list of such rare instances...

Those explanatary notes were not intended to bash particular seiyuu(Jean,Haruka Mano,Anthy Himemiya,Megumi Morisato,and Ri Kohran are actually good anime characters),but solely to support this thesis statement by yours truly:

Thanks to Ranma ½ and Plastic Little(respectively),there is no such thing as a canon pairing consisting of a male anime/game/drama character voiced by 山口勝平-sama and an anime/game/drama character(male or female)voiced by either 日高のり子 or 渕崎ゆり子.

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