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Upcoming seiyuu birthdays(within the next 3 weeks)

  • December 4-Yuuko Miyamura(she turns 31)and Fuurin Cha(42),they're 11 years apart
  • December 8-Kotono Mitsuishi(36)and Sumi Shimamoto(49),they're 13 years apart
  • December 10-Akiko Nakagawa(Inu-Yasha's Souta Higurashi who is Kagome's younger brother)(30)(EDIT:She actually turned 30 on the day this was posted,not the 10th...gomen.^^;;;)
  • December 12-Ai Orikasa(40)and Houko Kuwashima(28),they're 12 years apart
  • December 13-Hideo Ishikawa(Hiroya Aikawa in Fancy Lala)(34)
  • December 20-Yumi Touma(37)and Chisa Yokoyama(34),they're just 3 years apart

Happy birthday to you all,and I didn't intentionally leave out anyone.

Also,I've placed the first bid on a multi-seiyuu drama CD that includes Kappei-sama.Hopefully,I won't get outbid...
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