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eBay seiyuu madness

I recently won a genuine(not bootleg) Megumi Hayashibara CD on eBay and received it yesterday(it's in the CD/DVD-Rom drive as I speak).Even better,a few days ago I nabbed not only one,but TWO genuine Kappei Yamaguchi solo CD's(yes,I took advantage of "Buy It Now!" for both)!I'll cross-post reviews of those CD's to this journal,yamaguchikappei,and maybe seiyuu when I get a chance to listen to both after I receive them.

Back to the subject of "Iravati,"this album DOES NOT disappoint.It was even a special edition that came with a hardcover booklet.If I only knew exactly which songs were from anime...

Finally,since he has a notorious bigot named Pete Wilson as his campaign manager,there is no way that Arnold can unseat Gray Davis!
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