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If California can recall its governor...

...then here are,in no particular order,10 anime-related things that should be recalled:

  • Tsubasa Kurenai from Ranma ½:A drag-queen that stalks Ranma-kun's best fiancée
  • Konatsu from Ranma 1/2:Another drag-queen that stalks Ranma-kun's best fiancée;he doesn't even get entroduced until the 35th(out of 38 manga volumes total)tankoubon.He and Tsubasa are perhaps Rumiko Takahashi's biggest mistakes.Why he would make decent pair-up material is beyond me...
  • Sarah Strange and Barbara Goodson:I don't mean to sound sexist,but when women dub anime characters voiced by Kappei-sama for Anglophone otaku,something is definitely wrong.Because Japanese otokoyaku like Aya Hisakawa,Akiko Yajima,Megumi Hayashibara,Ai Orikasa,Etsuko Kozakura,and Minami Takayama(to name a few)do far better...
  • 4Kids Entertainment:They're the reason that Pokémon,Yu-Gi-Oh!,and(soon)Shaman King aren't available uncut/subtitled on region 1 DVD.
  • Nelvana:Not only were they responsible for the "CardCraptors" fiasco,they were also the reason that there's no uncut/subtitled region 1 DVD release for Medabots.
  • Fox Kids:Their edited version of the respected Vision of Escaflowne was a ratings disaster and was pulled after 10 episodes.
  • Saban:We want uncut/subbed Digimon Adventure on region 1 DVD!
  • Voice actor Keiichi Nanba:He's the one responsible for Hiromi Tsuru's "act of treason."(i.e.,the fact that she isn't married to Kappei-sama)
  • Hikaru and Izumi from Kidou Senkan Nadeshiko:They unfairly taunt poor Ryouko Suburu by repeatedly saying "Tenkawa...Tenkawa...Tenkawa..." to get on her nerves...
  • Captain Tita from Plastic Little:She has the traits of an anti-heroine:falsely accusing her loyal sub pilot Nichol Hawking of peeping on her and spying on her;and nearly slugging him when he was assigned to keep watch on her when she was injured...

No wonder poor Nichol would match up well with Ryouko Subaru:They're falsely accused of having of having crushes on the respective main protagonists(or in the case of Plastic Little,lame excuse for a protagonist)when they obviously don't.

Anyway,I now have an eBay account(handle is ranma9375);though I'm more likely to use their Half.com service...
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