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  • Thu, 14:17: RT @DrDenaGrayson: 💣BOOM💣 @SpeakerRyan to "retire" by the end of THIS term‼️ POLITICO interviewed 3 dozen people who know Ryan (lawmakers…
  • Thu, 14:17: RT @imillhiser: I can't think of anyone more deserving of unemployment than Paul Ryan.
  • Thu, 14:17: RT @funder: BREAKING: Paul Ryan plans to retire after the 2018 midterm elections, and amid swirling speculation on Capitol Hill that he cou…
  • Thu, 14:17: RT @joncoopertweets: BREAKING NEWS: House Speaker Paul Ryan considering retirement after 2018 midterms
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @SSWorks: Paul Ryan's plan: Gut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security so that most Americans will never be able to retire. Then run awa…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @PalmerReport: Donald Trump’s day so far: - Ruined the internet - Tax bill falling apart - Approval rating all time low - Roger Stone s…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @CNN: House Speaker Paul Ryan has had conversations about his future with friends, who say they believe it's possible he could leave Con…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @IronStache: According to @Politico, Paul Ryan is so scared of being held accountable for selling out working people that he’s consideri…
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @SocialPowerOne1: Paul Ryan’s support for Texas Congressman tested as graphic new accusations surface https://t.co/RrsPH1M72Z
  • Thu, 14:18: RT @Tormut_Rose: So Paul Ryan is "soul searching", what's next, Bigfoot searching, yeti searching, Loch Ness Monster searching?
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