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Another multi-topic entry...

Well,is it just me,or did the last "Excel Saga" DVD gradually go from delerious(sp?) to dark to just plain dirty?!At least the final scene in episode 26 wasn't THAT bad...

Impressed by the fact that it's constantly updated by various contributors,I signed up for a user account at Anime News Network.Though there are already thousands of registered users,I was both relieved and surprised to discover that the user name "Ranma Saotome" was still unused.I wasted no time registering it(placing it in good hands in the process).So far,I've contributed Kappei-sama's biographical information to the site's anime/manga/personnel encyclopedia(not all personnel listed have biographical info yet).Since existing contributors have been uncovering new voice roles by various seiyuu,I'll leave that to them for now.Of course,you never know when new information gets overlooked;so if there's something that's been overlooked repeatedly for months,I'll add it.

Another thing:you may have noticed that the interests listings no longer lists relevant communities.However,for people who have paid accounts(i.e.,myself),you can get around this via the directory search.If only there was a G Gundam community...

On the Rumic front,from what I've read,I might actually like the Rumic Theater animated mini-series;and speaking of Rumiko Takahashi,my replacement request for the flawed disc 2(mistimed subtitles in one episode)of the Ranma ½ Martial Mayhem DVD set is being processed.

Finally,am I the only one assuming that Ket(the designer girl's nephew)in Majo No Takkyubin(Kiki's Delivery Service)was voiced by Chika Sakamoto(this credits listing lists her as a confirmed cast member as Hitoshi Doi's listing is severely incomplete)?
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