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Today's random ramblings...

It took me a while,but I finally had the urge to join retail_is_hell.Believe me,my Rite Aid gets more shoplifters and deadbeats than polite customers.(If you're confused,the drugstore chain skips the Plains states as well as most of the Midwest and Southwest.)

Well,it seems G Gundam is actually getting more interesting:Sai Saishi,largely absent from DVD set #1(first 12 episodes),is more prominent in DVD set #2(episodes 13-24).

Finally,for some reason,I have one regret about Kappei-sama's guest voice role in episode 4 of the second Sakura Taisen OVA:Could they have shifted the spotlight to either Sakura,Iris,or even the Fujieda twins(Ayame and Kaede)?
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