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And I thought that the Rumiko Takahashi-endorsed Ranma 1/2 pairings were questionable...

I've just stumbled into Ranma ½ crossover fic in which the author ultimately intends to pair Ranma-kun with a major female character from either Sailor Moon,Tenchi Muyou,or Aa!Megamisama.Though none of his/her choices can beat what's on my site,there are a few satisfactory choices(Sailor Moon,Sailor Mercury,Sailor Saturn,Ryouko,Sasami,Kiyone,Belldandy,Skuld,Urd).

OTOH,for reasons that can't be explained,Megumi Morisato seems to be the shadiest of the choices(only a slightly better choice than Takahashi-endorsed Akane Tendou)even though she's a likable character.If she is one of your favorite anime characters,forget that I just said this;but why am I hoping that the author doesn't go there?

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