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Fear and loathing in the People's Republic of America,part deux

The silver lining is that not only do we have Nixon on steroids,but also that the Nut-Job-In-Chief's Nixonian quagmire could very well bring down the cure-worse-than-the-disease veep as well.Very fitting that a sinkhole would show up on his Mar-a-Lago property...

Almost 3 years ago,I upgraded from a Galaxy S2 to a Galaxy S4 Active;and the latter phone still works like a champ,which is good since I'm hesitant to upgrade anytime soon mailny because the S6 and S7 generations are apparently Ford Pinto-like(i.e. battery fire reports that aren't limited to the ill-fated Note 7)unless I somehow can afford an LG V20(maybe the last phone to actually have user-replaceable batteries)...

Kappei-sama,happy 52nd;also happy birthday to Shouzou Iizuka(who turns 84),
Youko Asada(who turns 48),and Junko Okada(who turns 44)...
Tags: cell phones, current events, kappei's birthday, politics, rl, seiyuu

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