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Fear and loathing in the People's Republic of America,part 1 of ∞

Just over 2 months in,my political bitterness and wariness knows no limits;and again,I had the heart to actually get out and vote for Hillary.I wish I can simply relieve myself of the thought of our Constitution Violator In Chief dissolving Congress for not giving him what he wants and/or accusing anyone born domestically to at least one foreign-born parent(myself included)of being 'born illegally';because believe me,Adolf Drumpf hasn't just dissed Muslims and Hispanics.I've likely spent more on 'teach yourself a language' literature than manga within the past several months.Not to mention that the RAD/WAG merger deadline has been extended again with the companies hoping the Don The Con would appoint merger-friendly FTC officers(realistically a crapshoot at this point)...

Happy birthday to Megumi Hayashibara(who turns 50!),Mabuki Andou(who turns 48),Ayako Kawasumi(who turns 41),Rikako Yamaguchi(who turns 29),Taiki Hamano(who turns 28),and Mikoi Sasaki(who turns 26).Speaking of Megumi-sama it was both a relief and amusing surprise in a Ranma ½ 'Rumic Reunion' that she's been cast as Rinne's mother(alongside Kappei-sama who has voiced Rin-ne's father from the get-go)in season 3 of the Rin-ne anime.It's amusing because the respectively voice Ranma-chan and Ranma-kun in their common breakthrough role.While it would have been super cool if Hiromi Tsuru was selected to voice Rin-ne's mom,it still could have been worse.A lot worse,and believe it or not,Noriko Hidaka would have still been far from the worst possible choice for that role(still mutters 'Tita no baka' almost 15 years after watching the dreadful Plastic Little)...
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