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The official "Who could Kappei Yamaguchi(山口勝平)be married to?" speculation thread

Since a few Takehito Koyasu fans are speculating in the seiyuu community on who he could be married to,I've posted this thread involving my #1 male seiyuu...
Well,it seems that my hopes of him being of Ranma-kun's and Ukyou's Japanese seiyuu are out the window(Hiromi Tsuru,you traitor!).However,since it almost certainly happened before Kappei-sama became a married man himself,it's currently anyone's guess(including mine)on who he's married to(and has at least 1 kid with).Alright,he could be married to an outsider to the industry(a non-seiyuu);but for the purpose of this thread,let's just focus on the seiyuu that could most likely be married to Kappei-sama.In no particular order,here are the most likely "suspects"(none of whom have a listed marital status in the Internet Movie Database):

  • Wakana Yamazaki:Not only have the voiced characters in at least a dozen anime series/movies/single-shot OVA's,they've apparently voiced sweethearts in at least a couple anime titles(Meitantei Conan,Dragon Slayer)...
  • Yumi Touma:Also a frequent castmate of Kappei-sama,almost as many times as Hiromi Tsuru...
  • Ai Orikasa:She and Kappei-sama were paired in the lead roles in Kyattou Ninden Teyandee(the original Japanese version of Samurai Pizza Cats)and have been frequent cast mates outside of that series.
  • Aya Hisakawa:One of their many joint voice-projects happens to be episode 1 of Mamono Hunter Yohko.I'm not giving out spoilers on that episode...^^;;;
  • Chieko Honda:In addition to being a frequent castmate of Kappei-sama's,they've been "paired up"(in lead roles) in a few anime titles(Koko wa Greenwood,1 + 2 = Paradise,Madara)and also sang a duet on a seiyuu vocal collection CD.
  • Minami Takayama:There are a couple of factors in addition to her being a frequent castmate of Kappei-sama:Not only have some of their many joint voice projects been long-running series(Ranma ½,Meitantei Conan),they've actually voiced "sweethearts" in at least a couple of anime(Majo no Takkyubin,Slow Step)...
  • Kumiko Nishihara:Though she hasn't starred alongside Kappei-sama quite as often as the other potential "suspects,"there are several factors that implay that this could be possible:First,in episode 7 of Shoujo Kakumei Utena,Kappei-sama voiced the boy that Kumiko-san's Shiori character "stole" from Juri Arisugawa.Secondly,she has at least a secondary affiliation with Kappei-sama's employer,Gekidan 21 Seiki Fox.Thirdly,they're within a month of each other age-wise(she turned 38 on April 27th,he turns 38 on May 23rd). Lastly,this site reports that they sung a duet for a hentai anime;though I've personally have yet to have the guts to watch H-anime.Lastly...
  • Maya Okamoto:Not only has she starred alongside Kappei-sama in anime at least as often as the above-mentioned Kumiko Nishihara,she and Kappei-sama have co-hosted a radio show titled Anikin Freedom.

Any potential seiyuu candidates that I missed?

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