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A lucky find at the comic shop...

Yesterday,after working an early shift,I had some quick eats at Round Table Pizza(over by work)before catching the first of 2 city buses to head home.While killing time between the first and second buses,I stopped at a comic shop that carries a generous amount of anime goods imported from Japan.While browsing through the imported anime CD's(these are authentic Japanese imports,not Taiwanese bootlegs),I stumbled into a Jungle De Ikou CD which really caught my attention since Kappei Yamaguchi voiced one of the main characters(Takuma-kun)in the anime(I have the region 1 DVD).Though in Japanese,I looked at the back of the packaging of what evidently was a drama/vocal CD;and sure enough,the cast list had Kappei-sama's name in kanji(yes,I know exactly how his name is written).I realized right away that this item was a must-have,though there was a roadblock:the shop's debit/credit processing machine was out of order,and I didn't have enough cash with me.However,since I still had plenty of time before the second bus,I had them hold the item while I executed my backup plan:I then went next door to Tower Books and purchased a book(a metropolitan Tokyo atlas)with my debit card and requested enough cash back to purchase the CD.I then returned to the comic shop and purchased the Jungle de Ikou CD,and left the shop for the bus stop with several minutes(on paper anyway,Sacramento's transit system(the bus portion,especially)is notorious for not being on time)to spare.After dinner(and before bedtime),I listened to it for the first time and was not disappointed even if it was in Japanese.Not only did I recognize Kappei-sama's voice(Takuma-kun's "Mii-chan..."),I also recognized the voices of the other main cast members(Eri Sendai as Natsumi/Mii,Megumi Hayashibara as Ongo,and Sumi Shimamoto as Rongo).The CD actually turns out to be part of a series since the title is Jungle De Ikou 3(KICA-363),but the most important thing about it to me is that it's my first Kappei CD(music OR drama).Even better,it even had Masami Okui's singing as well...

As for the Jungle de Ikou anime(which I've watched subbed multiple times),it IS better than Plastic Little(though both feature gratituous fanservice and a character voiced by Kappei-sama)...

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