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This is not subject to admonition...

In my three prior jury duty reports,I ultimately served on a full trial (even though the last on was as in alternate).This past Thursday,however,was a trend buster:Around ten,I was among the first assigned to a courtroom;but as the jury selection went on,I remained in the audience without my name being called(even as both lawyers excused lawyers for cause in at least 3 rounds)Then around 4:15,while still in a largely dwindled audience chamber,the judge declared the jury set;and for the first time ever,I had a tour of(jury)duty that was one day and done,even though stats say that's a common outcome for many that are summoned.With that out of the way,I can focus my worries on not only potential merger aftermath (realistically,the Rite Aid-Walgreens tie-up is more comparable to the Safeway-Albertsons one that the twice-blocked Staples-Office Depot one)but on the polarizing election.Tuck Frump!
Good thing I scored a new Galaxy Tab A at a K-Mart closing sale 2 months ago,otherwise only my S4 Active is in optimal operating condition.
Kappei-sama,happy 51st.Also happy birthday to Shouzou Iizuka (who turns 83),Youko Asada (who turns 47),and Junko Okada (who turns 43)...

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