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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

The one thing certain about 2016 is elections...

Two months into the new year,I'm still stumbling out of the gate.Maybe it's because an illness complicated an otherwise low-key Christmas and I was still feeling some effects even a week or two into January.At least I had enough concentration to work on my fortunately simple 2015 taxes...
However,it remains to be seen whether the situation would be nearly as simple next year:Rite Aid shareholders have said a resounding yes to the Walgreens merger;and it's the ongoing FTC review that could dictate the fate of the location that I've worked at for much of my nearly two-decade long tenure(which has had an incumbent Walgreens location a block away for several years now).This could be an interesting summer as either I could remain part of a Walgreenized Rite Aid or could face being cast divested into cvshell as few other regional pharmacy chains exist anymore...
While I'm personally feeling the Bern,I'm still confident and hopeful that he and Hillary are each highly capable of beating out whoever the clown car throws out at either of them in November.Duck Fonald!
While I've managed to grab a volume or two of new manga in the nearly 4 years I've been in my current residence,I would truly feel reconnected to my otaku fandom once my DVD's are finally extricated from the garage as I'm still not in a rush for a Blu-ray player as long as my current equipment still works.I've had the urge to get a few movie and political documentary DVD's in the past few years,but it would help to unify everything at some point.Even my stamp collection is stored on two different shelves...
Happy birthday to Junichi Takeoka(who turns 61),Jun Matsumoto(who turns 52),Narumi Hidaka(who turns 48),Shoutarou Morikubo(who turns 42),Chiemi Chiba,and Rika Komatsu(the latter two whom both turn 41)...

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