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More AIM madness...

saotomeranma9404: Konnichiwa,Ukyo-chan.:-)
Ukyochan52: konnichiwa
Ukyochan52: how are you doing?
saotomeranma9404: Fine,arigatou.;-)
Ukyochan52: good to hear
saotomeranma9404: I actually feared that that extreme Akanist using the handle "Solomon's Nightmare" was going to ruin my board a couple months back.x.x;;;
Ukyochan52: uh huh
saotomeranma9404: He had no shame in his mutual bashing of both the Ranma/Ukyou and Ryouga/Ukyou pairings and accused me of being "cowardly" just for deleting the problem threads from the Ukyou sub-forum and keeping order.I don't want to imagine how bad it would have gotten had I not banned him.
Ukyochan52: oh wow when did all this happen?
saotomeranma9404: He had insulted my previous rebuttals in 2 old and now deleted threads:"Ukyou's Fiancee Status" and "Matchups for Ukyou" that originally got their "problem" status from a user that actually disappeared after posting those threads.The original poster also wrote a shady fic titled "The Better End" which was anything but.Back to the "Solomons Nightmare" fiasco:Whenever I rebutted him and defended myself,he got even more persistent and hostile;and it didn't end when I closed and eventually deleted the problem threads.He continued to insult me and my Ranma fiancee preferences to the point that I banned him.Thank goodness it's been a couple of months.My board has gotten better newbies on it since.
Ukyochan52: ah okiee
Ukyochan52: i'm sorry i haven't been on as much...work...you know
saotomeranma9404: He even insulted my ezBoard signature...
Ukyochan52: bleah that guy is just a trouble maker
saotomeranma9404: So far,I have every issue of Newtype USA and the American "Shonen Jump."
Ukyochan52: cool i just the newtype jan
saotomeranma9404: They seem to mention seiyuu more than in Animerica.
Ukyochan52: yeah newtype is very expensive though
saotomeranma9404: At least even the single issues that I've been purchasing are worth every penny.I may even want to order a subscription.:-)
Ukyochan52: subscription is about 90.00
Ukyochan52: i think
saotomeranma9404: I know.It's 12 issues for the price of buying 9 single issues.I also want to get a Shonen Jump subscription too.
Ukyochan52: ah well its worth it
Ukyochan52: :-)
saotomeranma9404: I definitely want to order a Shonen Jump one while the "charter rates" are still in effect.I actually ended up working 12 straight days last month.
Ukyochan52: uh huh cool
saotomeranma9404: I don't watch Yu-Gi-Oh,but actually though that the manga had an understandable plot.
Ukyochan52: yu-gi-oh is an okay anime
saotomeranma9404: Unfortunately,the DVD's seem to lack a Japanese audio option.:-(
Ukyochan52: of course
saotomeranma9404: On a bright not,not only has "CardCraptors" officially left the airwaves,the video/DVD release of the edited CCS has also been cancelled.
saotomeranma9404: Oops..that's "bright note,"not "bright not."^^;;;
Ukyochan52: yes it is
saotomeranma9404: If there only was a domestic DVD release of the uncut/subbed "Pocket Monsters..."
Ukyochan52: well who knows if there will ever be one *shrugs*
saotomeranma9404: They skipped episodes due to fanservice-oriented content.
Ukyochan52: of course they would...
Ukyochan52: the censors you know
saotomeranma9404: However,certain members of the original Japanese cast do also voice characters in the dub.
Ukyochan52: like pikachu
saotomeranma9404: Is it really voiced by Ikue Ohtani in both the Japanese and American versions?I do know that she does voice a character in the dub.
Ukyochan52: yes
saotomeranma9404: Strangely,as opposed to the Japanese version where she voices Musashi(Jessie),Megumi Hayashibara voices Pidgeotto in the dub.
Ukyochan52: really?
Ukyochan52: i didn't know that...
Ukyochan52: hey i gotta go its almost dinner time jaaa nee
Ukyochan52 signed off at 6:26:58 PM.(01-08-2003)

Getting back into the rhythm in a big way...
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