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I may not be a seiyuu guru,but...

Thanks to the recent discovery of a site devoted to him,I've recently had the urge to do research on Kappei Yamaguchi,the original Japanese voice of Ranma-kun.I've known for a fact that both Hiromi Tsuru(voice of Ukyou)and Kikuko Inoue(voice of Kasumi)have starred with Yamaguchi-san in more series than Noriko Hidaka(Akane).I decided to do further research at both Hitoshi Doi's voice actor database and The Internet Movie Database;and at the end,I ended up being in for a pleasant surprise:In addition to Hiromi-san and Kikuko-san,at least a dozen other Japanese anime voice actresses have starred alongside Yamaguchi-sama in more anime series than Noriko Hidaka.A complete list can be found here,and the list includes big-names such as Megumi Hayashibara(Ranma-chan)and Aya Hisakawa.And yes,Tsuru-sama(voice of Ranma's fiancée)DOES lead the pack!
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