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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

At least LJ is tablet friendly...

Sadly, a recent revamp of the LJ Android app was a downgrade of sorts:the post settings enhancement(mood, background music, etc.)was removed in the revamp.In fact, the last mobile app post of mine was before I joined Twitter which is clearly made for mobile.Speaking of apps, the recent phone upgrade has facilitated a shift of focus on my 2 non-phone Android devices, since apps didn't auto-install when I got my new Galaxy S4 Active:In addition to keeping most non-mail push-happy apps off my new phone(the primary exceptions being Twitter and Goal.com's soccer scores app), I've been easing off push-happy apps of the tablet and semi-archaic Android media player as well.In place of the phased out news/sports apps,I've been testing some solitaire apps on the tablet since I don't have a single game app on the new phone...yet...

Happy birthday to both Kikuko Inoue(who turns 50 already)and Mariya Ise(who turns 26).Speaking of which,precure is one of the few LJ's on my watch list that remains active daily, lapi...

Speaking of the rejected Scottish independence push, being one living in a country that experienced a crippling civil war long before my time, I wonder if some states would even consider breaking away...
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