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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

No, I haven't ditched LJ or even planning on it...

For those who haven't read my tweets, I manage to upgrade to a new Galaxy S4 Active just over 2 weeks ago, replacing a flaming out S2 that was already barely functional once the original contract term expired.Anyhow, the fact that it didn't auto-install apps in my Google Play library was actually a good thing:I only manually reinstalled about 40 apps(news, sports, and reference),and I only plan to have maybe up to half the apps I have on this Galaxy Tab 2 right now and once had on the S2 at its peak(over 120 for both).I'm considering adding maybe up to a dozen more;but if at all, it would be language phrasebooks over games, and if any games, card games over Angry Birds.I want this phone(which already has superior battery life)to be more effective than the glitchy S2 was, and that's despite the fact that DQ8 recently became the first Dragon Quest game to become available for Android devices worldwide(not just Japan).Speaking of which, I'm progressing decently(I'm in Argonia now.)playing it on a PS2 that still works over 13 years later.At some point, I need to get a new Windows-powered device(a new comp),but that could still be a while, as a sorely-needed new bed is around the corner...

Happy birthday to both Ushio Shima(who turns 83),and Teiyuu Uchiryuusai(who turns 56)...
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