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I may never be able to figure out Kappei-sama's tweets, but...

It seems that Anime News Network has refreshed the site enough that it can be viewed more easily on tablets;and while I've yet to view the revamped ANN site on a smaller device(such as my Galaxy S2),I'm more likely to visit ANN on this Galaxy tab than on my phone anyway...

While racing games have never been my thing, I definitely have to try Angry Birds GO even though it doesn't involve flinging objects...

Happy birthday to Ritsuo Sawa(who turns 78),Kei Hayami(who turns 55),Yumi Touma, Nanaho Katsuragi(the letter 2 whom both turns 47),Chisa Yokoyama(who turnd 44),and Takuma Terashima(who turns 30)...
Tags: angry birds, anime, cell phones, computing, seiyuu, twitter, video games

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