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It's not just 'Duck Dynasty'...

For the longest time(pretty much when 'Survivor' started the craze),I've never been really a big fan of reality TV.Even before the slip of the 'Duck Dynasty' star's tongue, I've never could understand how nobodies can allow their private lives to be exposed to a worldwide TV audience.Not to mention that the uVerse that we have at home is bare-bones enough that I'm spared some of the more sordid yet popular shows that are only on cable.Getting exposed to the Kardashian overkill at work(via the tabloids prominently displayed at the registers)is bad enough for me, not to mention that I hadn't previously heard of 'Duck Dynasty' until my store recently carried some licensed promotional items...

Happy birthday to Shinichi Yanagisawa(who turns 82),Juurouta Kosugi(who turns 56),Ayaka Shimizu(who turns 26),and Sumire Uesawa(who turns 22)...
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