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A browser post at last, albeit on the tab...

Well, when turning on the shaky laptop for another routine Malware Bytes scan which turned up nothing, a Java update resulted in Chrome opening.While I've been avoiding web browsing on the comp unless necessary in recent months, this allowed me to finally set up a Twitter account.While this LJ is far from going away(since I tend to make long posts when I do post), entering the Twitterverse gives me flexibility, as I'm too hurried or sidetracked to make a big LJ post half the time.Not to mention that I've become one of the few holdouts still sticking up for LJ and snubbing Fakebook.Anyway, you can follow me at @denshadorabushi ...

Happy birthday to Norio Wakamoto(who turns 68),Yuuji Mitsuya(who turns 59),Masaki Usui(who turns 49),Reiko Yasuhara(who turns 44),Eriko Fujimaki(who turns 39),Minoru Shiraishi(who turns 35),and Iori Nomizu...

BTW, this tablet, along with the demise of DQVC this past summer, has allowed me to give DQ9 a prolonged break...
Tags: computing, dragon quest, lj, nintendo ds, seiyuu, twitter
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