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A step up from a phone post at least...

I held out for as long as I could from taking that route, but last week I caved in and bought myself a new tablet which I'm making this post from:a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.Already, it's a perfect bridge between my Galaxy S2 and my slipping laptop.Speaking of which, it will have to be replaced eventually(McAfee and even other processes have been malfunction prone), but for the time being may be a drawn-out process for both financial and strategic purposes (that involve the room layout).As for the tablet itself, it was in the Best Buy ad last week for $170($30 off the original price) , not to mention that I was lured in by a no-coupon-needed triple-Reward Zone points e-mail offer since I last shopped there over a year ago.Though it used 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich when this generation of the Galaxy Tab was first launched, the one I have was from a more recent production batch as it uses 4.1 Jellybean (which I uograded the S2 to months ago) which the recently-launced third generation Galaxy Tab uses (which is why the second-generation models like mine are sale-priced and/or on clearance at many retailers lately).This has become my de facto app locker as I've had to purge a lot of apps from my S2 due to memory drain, not to mention that my Galaxy Player 4.0's reliability has been slipping (likely because it still uses 2.3 Gingerbread and can't be upgraded).Just maybe, I may be able to give e-manga (via the Nook app and/or the pre-installed Kindle one) a try, maybe even (re-) learn a foreign language or two(not to mention I've downloaded both Japanese and Thai keyboard apps).Of course, I thought about making this post via the normal LJ site;but just browsing the PC site on this device was only slightly less awkward that on my phone, not to mention accessing certain sites on this app (i.e.,Wikipedia, TV news station sites) still default to the .mobi versions.At least certain apps that I use(mostly news/sports related) have tablet-specific versions...
Happy 45th birthday to Yuri Shiratori...

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