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At least the affected apps are likely subject to fixes...

As it turns out, upgrading this S2 to Jellybean (Android 4.1.2) wasn't totally without its side effects:Google search and NBA Game Time both now always force-close when I try to use them,just like how this app and the SacBee one did in the early days of my using ICS on this phone.The good news is that both apps are routinely updated, so it'll be resolved sooner or later.Another flaw revealed during the update was how big of memory hogs the Angry Birds games(other than the Star Wars one)were,and it got to the point that it was interfering with routine app updates.I ended up uninstalling the Seasons and Space ones(but kept the classic, Rio, and Star Wars versions)and reinstalling certain apps I previously uninstalled because I couldn't figure out why my phone was regularly running out of memory at the time.Not to mention that the emphasis on gaming is lower on the S2 than on the Galaxy Player 4.0.OTOH, the Jellybean update may have finally killed the music track duplication bug that had plagued this device during the second half of the ICS era...
Happy birthday to Chikao Ohtsuka (who turns 84), Kyohko Terase(who turns 55) Akari 'Tsubada Ohzora' Hibino(who turns 54), Yasunori Matsutani(who turns 52), Nobutake Ichikawa(who turns 40), and Megumi Satou(who turns 24)...

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