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An overdue cure to my Oto's withdrawal...

Believe or not,I hours ago managed to make it to Oto's for the first time in over 2 months(longest drought since last year's move)mainly due to work emergencies(too many colleagues out sick at the same time)and/or comp trouble ruining my mood to wake up early enough.I knew I had to stop the withdrawal because I also needed to refill on transit fare scrip at RT's rider service center which happens to be along the way.I splurged on enough J-snacks(that I take with me to work)to last me a month,but I don't plan to go as long as I did between regular trips,as ten weeks was too long...
Speaking of Japan,congrats to the Samurai Blue on punching the first ticket to Brazil for next year's FIFA World Cup...
Happy birthday to both Megumi Ogata(who turns 48)and Konami 'Umi Ryuuzaki' Yoshida(who turns 46)...

Tags: computing, j-sports, japanese snacks, mahou kishi rayearth, rl, seiyuu, soccer, via ljapp

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