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Lost in the seismic confusion last night...

I forgot to mention that I both reached and
defeated Murdaw in DQ6.He's the first real underling of the game,but just trying to penetrate his keep was a pain.I lost track of how many times I had to reboot the DS due to battles having an undesirable outcome(my Zinger going down not even halfway through).Even then the battle appeared to be a losing one as both my heavy hitter(Carver)and my Zinger(Nevan)both went down during the second phase of the Murdaw battle while hero and Milly were so brought down to critical HP that I had to take consecutive rounds to get both healed,but little did I know when I was able to resume inflicting raw damage that I had weakened Murdaw severely enough that it took just a couple more hits to finish him once and for all thankfully...
While I can't totally be positive that a recent update fixed the trick,this is likely the first day in quite a while that my Galaxy Player 4.0(which I'm posting from)failed to crash when I was playing Angry Birds Space(yes,I'm further into the AB games on this device than on the Galaxy S2).Such crashes have caused the device to prematurely deplete the battery power...
Happy birthday to Jirou Saitou who according to his Japanese Wikipedia artice(which fails to give his year of birth)debuted as a seiyuu in 2000...

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