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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
A close call,but for how much longer? 
14th-Apr-2013 05:47 pm
matcha kitkat

Yesterday's Malware Bytes scan turned up negative,so the Satellite gets a break today before tomorrow's McAfee scan(certain automatic updates periodically change the day of the week that the scheduled weekly scan occurs,as it turns out).Hopefully that goes on without a hitch...
A few years back,my store got toy/candy vending machines(Americanized gashapon of sorts);and early on in the flat-pay ones that stickers/fake tattoos come out of,one of them dispensed logo tattoos for one of 4 LigaMX teams.I mistakenly thought they were stickers,so I popped in two quarters to randomly choose a team to root for.While that removable tattoo remains unused to this very day,it happened to be for a team that has had Coke sponsorship ties for decades,and I've since acquired a Club America cap even though I haven't managed to wear it as much as I've liked to because of the King-sized soap opera that has me wearing my Kings cap daily(to stand up for Sacro).OTOH,picking a favorite J-league team may never be that simple.Speaking of work,yet another quarterly profit has my Rite And clearly on the comeback trail...
Happy birthday to Mahito Tsujimura(who turns 83),Fumio Matsuoka(who turns 80),Kazuko Yanaga(who turns 66),Takumi Yamazaki(who turns 49),and Mie Kataoka(who turns 41)...

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