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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

No wonder last post was the first on my laptop in ages...

The weekly McAfee security scan has getting slow again.A few weeks ago,it didn't finish until two in the morning,though I actually dozed off the previous day and didn't wake up(and turn on the comp)until almost noon.Two weeks ago,I actually woke up and turned it on around eight since I had errands to run(including my first trip to Oto's in over a month),but it still didn't finish until ten at night.Last week,I also dozed off until late morning;but with the scan at just 80% complete at half past 11 at night,I unplugged the cord from the Satellite(not the power strip)which caused it to go into power save mode(the battery ain't what it used to be)and pause the scan even after I replugged the cord a few minutes later.Upon waking up the next day,I turned it back on to allow the scan to finish(which it did before leaving for work).Since I woke up at eight again today and turned it on shortly after,it at least should finish before bedtime.Speaking of Oto's,today's trip(as well as last trip)should last me for quite a while since the upcoming annual DST change(as well as March likely being wetter than the last two months)may foul up my sleep clock for at least a while.Not to mention that I'm prone to oversleeping if I worked the previous night(I actually worked on Thursday the previous three weeks due to co-worker illnesses and/or vacations though V-day was a morning shift which allowed me to wake up early and go to Oto's the next day.) .Of course,even some of my mobile devices have minor glitches.Not only does my Galaxy S2 have a music player glitch(it thinks there are two or three of each music track on my Micro SD card)which forces me to clear the cache multiple times a week since it sometimes interferes with the device's ability to routinely auto-update my apps;but also,G-mail hasn't always auto-synched right on my Galaxy Player 4.0 lately...
Happy birthday to both Misa Kobayashi(who turns 37)and Sakura Nogawa(who turns 35)... 

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