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The most fitting 2012 Christmas present...

On Christmas Eve,the LJ Android app rolled out the sorely needed update that addressed the crash/force-close issue affecting devices running ICS,though I only found out the next day(during lunch when at work that day)when searching LJ at Google Play while holding out hope that LJ would finally fix the bug as the Sacramento Bee app fixed a similar problem weeks before.As early as tomorrow,I'll find out for sure if it's really fixed,as the mobile site seems more buggy.While this year was low budget;I did get a Pillow Pet,a Swiss Army watch,an Angry Bird-a-day calendar,and gift cards for Best Buy and Google Play(though I haven't tried any paid material yet)...

For the first time in 4 years,my Rite Aid has posted an actual quarterly profit,which can only be a good sign.In a case of Mayan FAIL,December 21st was another come-and-gone case of Apocalypse Not.While the 2012 elections have come and gone,the NRA has long had a propensity to shoot first and aim later.In an election on the other side of the Pacific,Japanese voters have given the country its first repeat Prime Minister in ages if not period...

Happy birthday to Chieko Aioi(who turns 78),Megumi Tano(who either turns 44 or 50 depending on source),Machiko Toyoshima(who turns 41),and Kazusa Murai(who turns 37)...
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