Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

When an uninstall doesn't remove everything...

While clearing out unneeded items(to clear space)from this Galaxy S II,I discovered files associated with apps that I had temporarily then uninstalled.I had to manual delete,but it's hardly limited to my mobile devices:Months ago when clearing out programs and files from my shaky Satellite,I had to.manually delete items connected to uninstalled programs...
Happy birthday to Rokurou Naya(who turns 80),Shin Aomori(who turns 71),Youko Matsuoka(who turns 58),Shinpachi Tsuji(who turns 56),Michie Tomizawa(who turns 51),Kouichi Toochika(who turns 41),Mami Kosuge(who either turns 38 or 40 depending on source),and Rie Yamaguchi(who turns 26)...

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Tags: cell phones, computing, seiyuu
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