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At least it booted up right this time...

The McAfee scan is at 90% right now.If only I hadn't had any trouble falling asleep last night,I wouldn't have had to sleep until almost noon and thus I could have turned on the comp sooner.I went to bed before midnight and it took hours for me to fall asleep to the point I was changing sleeping positions...
At least my Gigantes won game 5 thanks to #RallyZito,which ensures that this series will be decided in Mission Bay.Unfortunately,the first wet spell of the season is just 48-60 hours away.Hopefully they get in Game 6 in ahead of the storm.Go Giants...
Happy birthday to Gou Aoba(who turns 43),Sayaka Aoki(who turns 40),and Saki Fujita(who turns 28)...
No update to the LJ app yet,but at least it doesn't crash on this Galaxy Player 4.0...

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