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They put the wrong game on broadcast TV...

I watched my Gigantes get smoked by the St. Louis Marked Cards in game 4 of the NLCS on FOX to fall into a 3-1 series hole(they now must win 3 straight to prolong their season);yet I had to rely on the NFL.com free-stream to catch even a part of my Niners withstanding Seattle 13-6(sorely needed days after getting throttled 26-3 by the New York Midgets)since I don't have NFL Network,and even then this comp was freezing up intermittently in the process.Even then,I have serious reservations on even thinking about getting cable especially after Bombcast dumped all three call centers in the Golden State and gave a corporate middle finger to several hundred hard-working Californians in the process.Another reason we need to keep President Obama in the White House for four more years,because we can't afford to subscribe the GOPigs' pro-outsourcing point of view...

Happy birthday to Norio Wakamoto(who turns 67),Yuuji Mitsuya(who turns 58),Reiko Yasuhara(who turns 43),Eriko Fujimaki(who turns 38),Akiko Kurumado(who turns 35),Minoru Shiraishi(who turns 34),and Iori Nomizu(who turns 27)...
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