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One more debate to go...

I worked last night,but at least the President came out strong last night.If he especially holds up in the final debate,then I know my vote will really count(since I've long made up my mind and am not changing my vote regardless,win or lose)...

One of the last things I did on the comp before that bootup scare was upload some of my digital photos onto my Flickr account.So far,that has been a slow and ongoing process,mainly due to the machine's instability;as I filled up that memory card over 2 years ago,and have other photos on smaller memory cards.What could already be done will likely take months to finish...

Happy birthday to Kazuo Hayashi(who turns 67),Chie Koujiro(who turns 52),and Tatsuya Matsuda(who turns 47)...
Tags: computing, digital photography, politics, rl, seiyuu

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