Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

One month roughly until Angry Birds Star Wars...

I would think about trying the Warioland-ish 'Bad Piggies,'but the game setup is completely different just judging from the promos...
Baseball playoffs are underway in both the North American and Japanese major leagues,and at least expanding the playoffs is a positive step on both sides of the Pacific.Geaux Gigantes(as in the 2010 WS champs)...
Happy birtday to Kouki Miyata(who turns 40),Reiko Abe(who turns 29),and Takeya Nishiyama(who turns 27)...

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Tags: angry birds, baseball, j-sports, seiyuu
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