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As recently as 3 years ago,local transit in the 916 was being left for dead...

Nowadays,you really can't tell that was once the case.Today,on the way to Oto's,I made a stop at RT's 'rider service center' adjacent to a light rail station in the downtown core to get the first updated timetable book to be available in over 2 years as well as some pocket schedules;and I was actually surprised to see a long line to the point that there was a long outdoor canopy at the entrance,even considering the circumstances(on top of new schedules being available,people who use monthly passes were getting theirs on them last 'business day' of the month due to Labor Day weekend taking up the first three days of September this year).As for my route,it's been improved a bit(longer weekday hours,even slightly a little more breathing room on Saturdays)with the running time variances smoothed out.Speaking of transit,I thought about going to the first day of SacAnime(summer 2012 edition)today,but the planned move to downtown's transit-friendlier Convention Center(home of APS Stampshow 2004 and 2012)can't come soon enough...

Even before both Isaac and the 'Eastwooding' episode at the 2012 Politburo USA National Convention,I don't subscribe to the conservatards' point of view nor have I ever in the past.On top of that,some lame excuse for a Texas judge suggesting that reelecting our President to a second term would literally be voting for a second America Civil War just makes me more thankful that our nation's capital is in DC and not anywhere within the jurisdiction of the Lone Star People's Republic.Sorry to burst his bubble,but Armageddon won't(I repeat,won't)result if President Obama won a second term...

Happy birthday to both Shirou Saitou(who turns 56)and Akiko Hiramatsu(who turns 45)...
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