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Shortly after last night's post...

...though it was a rather brief conversation,I had a brief AIM chat with the co-admin on my ezBoard before dinner.This time,my sister couldn't eavesdrop on the AIM chat because she was already at the dinner table and still isn't aware of it!Then again,I've chatted on AIM with Ukyo-chan when I've been home alone several times.Of course,when my sister is home when I'm having such chats and looks over my shoulder,she always grows horns and gets the wrong idea.It's a good thing my sister's already in bed(she works early in the morning)and doesn't read this journal;because as I said before,it's a sure thing she'll never be correct about this matter.Gomen nasai if I'm getting a little "defensive."I'm just protecting my online acquaintances from libel and slander...^_~
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