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Now that London 2012 is in the books...

Congratulation to the remaining Japanese Olympic medalists who won medals in London between last post and the closing ceremonies:

  • Hitomi Obara(gold medal in women's freestyle wrestling,48 kg)
  • Kaori Ichou(gold medal in women's freestyle wrestling,63 kg)
  • Saori Yoshida who not only carried her country's flag in both the opening and closing ceremonies,but also whose gold medal in women's freestyle wrestling(55 kg)broke her country's 'flagbearer gold medal' jinx
  • Ryouta Murata(gold medal in men's middleweight boxing)
  • Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu whose gold medal in men's freestyle wrestling(66 kg)is his country's first gold in men's wrestling
  • Kouhei Uchimura(silver medal in men's floor exercise,his second individual and third overall medal of the 2012 Gamers)
  • The fencing team of Suguru Awaji,Kenta Chida,Ryou Miyake,and Yuuki Ohta(silver medal in men's team foil)
  • The Team of Kasumi Ishikawa,Ai Fukuhara,and Sayaka Hirano(silver medal in women's team table tennis)
  • The women's national soccer team on following up their historic 2011 Women's World Cup title with a silver medal with the same roster
  • Kouji Morifushi(bronze medal in men's hammer throw)
  • Ryuutarou Matsumoto(bronze medal in men's Greco-Roman Wrestling,60 kg)
  • Satoshi Shimizu(bronze medal in men's bantamweight boxing)
  • Shinichi Yumoto(bronze medal in men's freestyle wrestling,55 kg),and finally
  • The women's national volleyball team on their bronze medal performance,their first medal since Los Angeles 1984 wher they also went bronze

Ultimately,seven of their 38 total medals were gold;and while it was their highest total medal count overall in a single Olympics,Athens 2004 was Japan's best in terms of gold medals(16 of their 37 total Athens medals were gold).I'm confident that Tokyo can land the 2020 Summer Games and not simply because their the slight front runner to land them.I'm not sold on Istanbul mainly because Turkey hasn't always immune to the political instability that notoriously plagues its middle eastern neighbors,and even Madrid is more of a dark horse challenger to Tokyo in spite of the Eurozone crisis

I almost didn't make it as wildfire smoke fouling up the Central Valley air had me feeling crappy the prior 36 hours,but I made it to the first day of APS Stampshow at the Convention Center(where Sac-Anime is moving to beginning with the Winter 2013 edition),the second time in the past decade the show has made it to the 916.While in the dealer area mainly for supplies(I got a stockbook and some watermark fluid),I also grabbed some bargain basement material not in most collections(a few souvenir sheets).Lately I've been getting a few more stockbooks to shore up my collection's presentation,as I've devoted more bookcase space(2 shelves)than I did previously.I would consider bringing in more manga from the garage,but since the Nook service now offers Viz manga titles,I'm on the fence on whether to get an e-tablet so I can read Viz manga I already have in print form...

Happy birthday to Urara Takano(who turns 51),Yuuji Fujita(who turns 47),Eri Okamura Kitamura(who turns 25),and Kouki Uchiyama(who turns 22)....
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