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Only found out via a 'postal customer' mailing in today's mail,but...

A couple weekends from now(the sixteenth through nineteenth),APS Stampshow returns to downtown Sacro's Convention Center.The last time the show was in Sac 8 years ago,I went on the first day and though the APS camera shots(pre-digital)I took didn't come out,I didn't leave empty-handed(got some stockbooks and kiloware).Hopefully,I'll be off at least one of those four days...

Congratulations to yet even more Japanese Olympic medalists:

  • The duo of Mizuki Fujii and Reika Kakiiwa(silver medal in women's doubles badminton)
  • The women's 4x100m medley relay team of Satomi Suzuki(on top of 2 individual medals),Aya Terakawa(on top of an individual bronze),Yuka Katou,and Haruka Ueda on their bronze medal performance
  • The men's 4x100 medley relay team of Ryousuke Irie(on top of 2 individual medals),Takeshi Matsuda(on top of an individual bronze),Takurou Fujii,and Kousuke Kitajima(only his first medal of the London Games,but he's struck double breaststroke gold in both Athens and Beijing on top of Athens and Beijing bronzes in this same team event)on their silver medal performance

Happy birthday to Santarou Tsuji(who turns 75),Mika Doi(who turns 56),Wasabi Mizuta(who turns 38),Hitomi Nabatame(who turns 36 and is the oldest seiyuu younger than yours truly),and San Francisco-born but Tokyo-raised Satoshi Hino(who turns 34)...
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