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While more than 20 minutes remain on my ride home...

Though it's been ages since I last ate there,I noticed that the Japanese bakery on the opposite side of the parking lot from Oto's has posted a flyer for the next Sac-Anime summer edition this coming Labor Day weekend that implies that it 'll be the last edition at its current hotel venue.Hopefully,the venue that the con's moving to will be more convenient to transitarian otaku,myself included.Speaking of Oto's,while the imported snack pickins remain slim,I did notice some domestic Angry Birds novelty stationary items(pencil toppers and erasers).Though I've seen licensed-for-Korea novelty items on eBay ,how sweet it would be if I actually saw Japan-licensed goods for a change...
Though congratulating Japanese Olympic medalist in a timely manner remains trick until the LJ app gets fixed,I do have the NBC Olympics app that doesn't expire but will be repurposed for Sochi 2014 about 18 months from now.Not to mention that Google Chrome isvless of a headache than IE...
Happy birthday to both Manabi Mizuno(who turns 35)and Megumi Nasu(who turns 34)...

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