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At least the Galaxy Player 4.0 isn't yet upgradable to ICS...

Anyway,though it didn't finish until after midnight,the weekly McAfee scan went on without a hitch.In fact,it was the second straight day that McAfee failed to glitch out on itseft after doing it at least twice a day for the prior few days.However,the 'synchronization application' still glitches out multiple times a day even when WMP isn't running.Mercifully,I'm likely done with CD-playing/ripping for quite a while as who knows how much longer my Satellite will last.I even got myself a 32GB full-sized SD card and did a music file sync onto it for purpose of at least considering a tablet purchase as many Android-powered models use either a micro or normal SD card for storage expansion(in many cases up to 32 GB).The Nook service now offers VIZ manga,but it's only supported on tablets(including BN's own Nook)...
I actually watched the second 'Purikuya All Stars DX' movie on my remaining Zen Vision W(for battery burning purposes after uploading new media,it's unlikely it'll be used much anymore since the detachable battery is going out even though I have a spare battery somewhere);and while I can't really get the urge to get into the non-SS universes(it did seem to being back many of the multiple villains as well as the heroines and mascots from all the then-existant PC universes),at least Frappi-sama had a decent amount of dialogue,lapi...
Happy birthday to both Masashi Sugawara(who turns 50)and Masami Suzuki(who turns 40)...

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