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Another Friday,another scheduled weekly virus scan...

Anyway,I don't yet schedule regular scans of my mobile devices,but rather I do a manual scan each day(that I use them)when I turn either if them on...
Additionally,it's a good thing I recently purchased and received a third 32GB microSD card(a Toshiba which only seems to be sold online)from an eBay Buy It Now listing,because a Kingston one that I normally use with this Galaxy Player 4.0 somehow got corrupted when I tried to add more music(yes,there was still plenty of room)and it won't sync right anymore.Worse,this device no longer detects any files on it anymore.Mercifully,my other 2 32gb micro SD cards(the Toshiba one which is in this device as well as a Sandisk one that I use in my Galaxy S II)still work fine...
Happy birthday to Junko Noda(who turns 41),Akiko Kawase(who turns 32),and Subaru Kimura(who turns 22 and also has a German given name as he was born in Leipzig and has one German parent though I don't know which side because he doesn't yet have an English Wikipedia article)...

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