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Oracle versus Google is now officially a 'USFL versus NFL' redux

What the jury agreed on(by 'disagreeing')was that Oracle was crying over spilt milk because Google was clearly the smarter company by taking full advantage of its competitor's missteps.Clearly,at the end of the day,they were thinking unselfishly of all the 'end users' of any(and every)Android-powered device out there.I wouldn't even call Oracle's 'hollow victory' a moral victory,and investors agreed as Google stock still rose while Oracle stock(worth just a fraction of Google's stock price)was flat in today's stock market trading.Speaking of Android,I happened to find myself a collectible Android figurine while reloading on J-snacks at Oto's of all places,and I made just my second trip there since moving in the first 90+-degree day of the year...

Happy birthday to Chiaki Takahashi(who turns 35),Takanori Hoshino(who turns 32),and Satomi Satou(who turns 26)...
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