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A much-belated happy 2012(or is it really 2011 gone overtime?)...

So far,uncertaintly has started off the year:I could find myself apartment-hunting soon if Prank of America decides to throw the folks a mortgage Molotov cocktail.The apathy led me to skip the winter edition of SacAnime a couple of weekends ago even though I was off on the first day(a Friday).Though I'm less inclined to spend on entertainment at the moment,I did manage to find Hikki's debut album at Dimple.Even better,it was filed under the same tab as her English albums(simply credited as Utada)even though I've yet to bother with any of those...

Speaking of music,my player has yet to play a song with a Japanese file name even though there are such songs on my micro SD cards(I now have a spare.).However,most of my J-pop is now catalogued via allmusic,so less than half of my J-music(maybe less than a third)actually have that problem...

Quite frankly,I on average never really used Megaupload on a frequent basis.On top of that,I largely ditched BT 14 months ago except for occasional cleanups,mainly due to the lack of quality fansubbed Kappei anime in AVI format...

BTW,this Satellite has lasted me over 5 years now...

Happy birthday to both Rihoko Yoshida(who turns 63)and Nami Miyahara(who turns 34)...
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