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Life after Borders...

Well,Oto's is still feeling the effects of its wholesale suppliers continuing to be hobbled by the earthquake-instigated food export limitations several months later:I've made 2 visits since the completion of the Borders liquidation and selection remains limited in many categories to the point that more miscellaneous Asian products(imported from Korea,both Chinas,and Southeast Asian countries),but at least they're finding ways keep themselves stocked for the forseeable future while maintaing their identity among local Asian markets...

BTW,on the way there and on the way back home,I tried operating my older 30 GB ZEN Vision W without using video mode(and bringing along the DS to level up in Dragon Quest IX to compensate)to check whether the detachable battery that I've been using with it was going bad,as the battery life was getting errating when using it on my final trips to Borders.Good thing for a spare detachable battery in addition to that newer 60 GB one.On the subject of the latter player,I finally finished the Gokinjo Monogatari anime on the way to and from Oto's on my prior trip(first since the Borders liquidation)two weeks ago;and I suspect that adapted only a part of the manga storyline though the latter hasn't yet been available domestically.One last Borders bit:Barnes and Noble has acquired the intellectual properties of its defunct competitor(trademarks,customer info lists,and Borders.com which is now fulfilled by bn.com but remains separate until the integration of the former into the latter is fully complete),but in my case it is of little consequence since BN generally got more of my business anyway...

I forgot to mention this while discussing that two-part Dimple J-pop haul last post,but I would only buy a Taiwan version if it was of a known Avex release to express contempt of their bad business practices that prevent certain legal personal uses...

Somebody wake me up when both sides of the NBA labor dispute wake up and smell the coffee.Good thing for football(a Niners-Raiders Super Bowl at last?)and hockey(geaux Habs)...

Happy birthday to both Masaya Onosaka(who turns 47)and Tomoe Ohmi(who turns 29).Speaking of seiyuu,it is my understanding that Kappei voices the lead character in the fukikae dub of Rio.Once I finally get the urge to get myself a Blu-ray player,I may get the urge to get some Japanese-imported releases since North America and Japan share the same region code(unlike DVD). ..
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