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At this rate,there might be little left to come back to...

Last week when the discounts were 30-50%,I grabbed the first 2 3-in-one volumes of Bleach.However,some areas were already thinning out at the Borders I go to;and as things have since been further marked down(40-60% off)and are likely to be marked down even more when I go there again,I wonder if the good stuff will still be there.This kinda reminds me of when Tower Records went under years ago...

Who'd ever thunk that The Oracle of Omaha would remember his humble beginnings and stick up for the little guy in times like this?

I've finally hit a brick wall in Dragon Quest IX:I've cleared normal grottos up to level 73,but all my 4 core characters have either hit level 99 in each and every vocation(or are really close).So far,I've been focuising on legacy bosses where I mainly level such bosses up and don't worry about gaining experience on my end.On top of DQX being developed for the Wii,the 3DS will get a DQ game as well...

Hopefully,what the mid-Atlantic experienced today was their 'Big One' and not a foreshock...

Happy birthday to Miyuki Ichijou(who turns 62),Naoki Makishima(who turns 49),and Tamao Hayashi(who turns 44 or 49 depending on source)...
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