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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
Bye bye Borders?! 
20th-Jul-2011 10:48 pm
matcha kitkat
For those in the dark about it,only a pure formality remains before bankrupt Borders commences its 'final sale' in its 40-year history.Over the years,I've managed to buy manga there that hasn't been consistently stocked at the Barnes and Noble near my store;and the bad thing about this is that how Borders lost unreclaimable ground against BN was an e-book craze that I'm unlikely to get into,because a lost of the books I read(manga or other stuff)aren't always made for e-readers...

Congatulations to Nadeshiko Japan on winning the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup,a sorely-needed booost for a nation still reeling months after its most powerful earthquake in recorded history.Speaking of which,the consequential food export limitations stemming from the resulting Fukushima nuclear crisis have finally started to rear their ugly head stateside;as Oto's is finally experiencing shortages of imported Japanese goods,while in-store(and in-ad)disclaimers stating that 'all imported Japanese items left Japanese territorial waters before the Sendai disaster' remain months later.I'm probably not the only one comparing TEPCO's handling of this to how BP's handling of Deepwater Horizon disaster...

Onto more current news,I must say that while Fox does sports coverage right,the same can't be said about their news organizations,because even left-leaning news agencies are more fair and balanced than Faux News...

Happy birthday to Takanobu Hozumi(who turns 80),Jin Urayama(who turns 55),Tomoko Hiratsuji(who turns 51),Mutsumi Sasaki(who turns 50),Ryouko Gi(who turns 39),Kanae Oki(who turns 27),and Kousuke Kujirai(who turns 24)...
22nd-Jul-2011 03:36 am (UTC) - Is reading dying
Lol, you don't like Fox news huh?

I'm a bit sad about Borders. There was a store close to me and both it and the local library were, IMO, the most reliable sources for books. Borders even had manga. Barnes and Nobles was a bit father off ;( Like I think Madison Heights or Troy. Maybe it was Troy.
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