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Happy 2011,16 days late...

Fo the most part,I've been sidetracked by Dragon Quest IX and have already come a long way in it too,due to being off three days each in the past couple weeks(I actually went to the opening weekday of SacAnime winter 2011 on one of them.).As things are finally picking up,maybe it took a December sales period that ended on Christmas Day for my Rite Aid to put the brakes on what was ultimately an 18-month chainwide negative same store sales streak...

As broken as California's political hierarchy is,I'm still glad that I don't live in Arizona(it's grateful that Ms. Giffords is recovering more and more everyday,as I'm not the only one scrutinizing the Long Island Iced Tea Party's "sympathies").At least unlike Arnold,at least Jerry is trying to solve things the right way...

As much has his workload has been reduced,Kappei-sama still manages to land a leading role on the side,the next one being a reboot of a Go Nagai classic.Whether I get into Suite Purikyua depends on the quality of the seiyuu cast,lapi...

Speaking of seiyuu,happy 56th birthday to Mami Koyama...
Tags: anime, current events, dragon quest, kurisumasu, nintendo ds, politics, rl, seiyuu

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