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Not a total washout of a Christmas...

For the first time as long as I can remember,Sacramento got measurable rain(and quite a bit of it)on Christmas Day.One thing I got was Dragon Quest IX(from my sister).Good thing I also got a Barnes and Noble gift card,because I'm gonna need to get a hold of the strategy guide before I can seriously dig in.BTW,the Dragon Quest VI remake for the DS has a stateside street date of Valentine's Day...

I'm not holding my breath about 2011 even before it's started,but yet January 3 in California will be the end of an error.Now let's just hope for a positive SSS report from my Rite Aid within a few days...

Happy 36th birthday to Fumiko Orikasa...
Tags: dragon quest, kurisumasu, new years, nintendo ds, politics, rl, seiyuu, weather

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