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Before I forget to make a post-election/pre-Thanksgiving post...

As I feared,in most states not having a Pacific Ocean coastline,sanity lost out to cowardace and stupidity on Election Day.If there is a silver lining,those freshman House Republican'ts may be on a very short lease themselves because House Congressmen are only elected to 2 year terms.I'm pretty confident they'll blow it by Election Day 2012;and I still believe Obama is highly capable of being a 2-term US President.Not to mention that even Nancy Pelosi(despite taking a lot of lumps)and Hillary Clinton are far more qualified to be America's first female President than that reality-actor-posing-as-a-politician Sarah Palin.At least California voters were relatively rational on Election Day(formerly GOP offices switched to Democrat,but not vice versa),giving the honor of cleaning up the mess Arnold left behind to a proven problem solver who previously served as California's governor in the pre-term limits era.While the Golden State will someday see its first female governor,there are current female members of the California Legislature that are more qualified for the job than Queen Meg.Even in other Pacific states,the "red wave of stupidity" had its impact blunted(only one House seat in eastern Washington was wrested away by the Long Island Iced Tea-drinking party).Obama has come a long way,but no one wants to give him the credit he deserves;and don't get me started on how worse it could have been had John McCain been President...

Speaking of elections,a 'respected' stock market blog has scored an own goal against its credibility by baselessly stating that my company won't make it to the 2012 elections.For years,many mainstream and business-related news sites have stated that Rite Aid won't make it intio the next year.They've been wrong,and if they were right,this next Super Bowl is guaranteed to produce the NFL's first 19-0 team...

Congratulations to both Miki Andou and Akiko Suzuki on finishing one-two in the respective ladies' competitions at both the 2010 Cup of China and the 2010 Cup of Russia.Also,congrats to Takahiko Kouzuka of winning the men's competition at the former...

If somehow I didn't get 'Flickr'd up',I probably would have procrastinated more before posting again...

Happy birthday to Junko Minagawa who either turns 35,40,or 41 depending on source...
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